Cost-cutting is all about surviving the economic downfall and cash crisis. Many companies are implementing cost-cutting strategies to survive. But with automation, your business can thrive despite harsh conditions. Yes, automation is the key to unlock potential and get your business to produce more in less.


Automation solutions such as Value Creation Automation (VCA) developed by Cordis Technology is making its establishment prominent in today’s tech environment. While other tech companies are scrambling to reinvent their current automation models, Cordis has taken the lead with its cutting-edge automation solution.

To begin with the basics, here are 4 processes you can automate with VCA to save costs:

1. Invoice Automation


Invoice Automation will let you check invoices received, accuracy of invoices, and requests with a simple click of a button. All invoices are submitted electronically, which allows for easy access via invoice database. In fact, users can search and ensure on-time delivery of invoices.

2. Customer Follow-Up


If you have a large customer-base, it becomes difficult to keep track of deliveries and follow-up with customers. By automating this service, the system will automatically generate and send emails for follow-up to all existing customers. You can save time and money utilized which would otherwise be needed in manual follow-up processes.

3. Marketing


Automating various marketing functions will inevitably save your company time and expand customer reach. Certain marketing automation tools allow businesses to manage multiple social media platforms, design marketing campaigns, and generate leads for sales purposes. You don’t have to hire a massive sales and marketing team if you opt for an automation solution such as Value Creation Automation VCA.

4. Documentation


A lot of time and money is wasted on manual file management and record-keeping. With an automated Document Management System (DMS), the need for manually organizing files and maintaining physical space for documents is eliminated. A DMS will store, retrieve and record all necessary documents in a digital format.

We can safely arrive to the conclusion that automation can help you shed away unnecessary costs which are eating away at your company profits. The time for automation is now. So don’t wait for the future, get your free consultation at Value Creation Automation.